Monday, December 12, 2011

Mums and Tubs Club presents Lactacyd Baby Care Village @ SM Megamall

December 11, 2011
Mums and Tubs Club presents Lactacyd Baby Care Village @ SM Megamall

We were so excited to go to the event. The call time for participants in the fashion show was 1pm, but the event will start in the morning around 11 am. I wasn’t able to watch the first part of the program because we got stuck in traffic.

We were able to arrive 1:30 pm and Thank God they haven’t started the fashion show yet. We went to the backstage and changed our clothes. They said that the sponsored make-up artist was not able to come so we have to do our own make-up and hair. (Good thing my baby’s a boy with no hair. No need for make-up and hairstyle, haha)

After we got dressed up, we went inside the Baby Care Village and watched the show. We were given passport that we need to fill-up to get a gift pack from Lactacyd and have a chance to unlock the code for a special prize (too bad someone already won ahead of us).

We first went to the “Bathing Demo Station”. I was really looking forward for that demo since LA is having a hard time during his bath.

Next was the “Pre-school Teacher Consultation Booth” and “Play area”. This is where I did my breastfeeding since they removed their breastfeeding lounge to accommodate more people for the show.

We went to different sections like the ff:

Weighing Station

Healthy Snacks Station

Nutritionist’s Consultation Booth

Nutri Wheel


The program was hosted by Christine Jacob. There was a talk show, puppet show, cooking demo, magic show, fashion show, story telling and more!!

I had a really great time during the event even though there are some glitches. I am very happy that LA and I were chosen to be one of the participants for the fashion show of “Pois Belly and Kids”.

I was able to meet some of my mommy friends there and was also able to mingle with other new moms.
Lots of learning, Lots of fun!

Coming from Las Pinas City, it was really a rough journey but it was all worth it. Thank you to Mums and Tubs Baby Care Club for this wonderful opportunity. It is something my son and I will cherish. Hope to see you again on the next event!


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