Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lactacyd Mums and Tubs Club Fashion Show

Last June 16, we went to the Lactacyd Mums and Tubs Club Baby Care Village and participated in their fashion show. This is actually our second time to join their fashion show. The first one was in Megamall. You can read about my experiences on our first fashion show here.

Mommy and LA @ 9 months old

LA was 3 months old when we first had our fashion show. Now, he's 9 months old. :)
This time around, we didn't stay long. We just stayed for the fashion and went afterwards. We went straight to the backstage and prepared for the show. Everything was almost the same as before. The only difference is they had their hair and make-up crew (last time, we had to do our own hair and make-up)


The clothes that we wore during the show was from Mama & Me. I love the styles and colors of the clothes in the fashion show. It's attractive, especially for those moms with little girls. They look so cute together on stage.

Other Moms and Babies in the fashion show

Daddy Ariel and LA

The Baby Care Village was colorful and full of booths. You may have your free consultation regarding your child's health with their guest pediatrician and nutritionist. There are also activities for the children and play area.

I appreciated my husband and my mom for supporting us. My hubby became our photographer and I know that he's proud of me and LA. As a token, Mums and Tubs Club gave us a Lactacyd gift pack. (Lactacyd baby bath, feminine wash, and wipes)

If you are a mom and would like to be a part of Mums and Tubs Club Fashion Show, like their Facebook fan page and wait for their announcement regarding the Lactacyd Baby Care Village.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rockstar Themed Party: JABE's 1st Birthday

Last Saturday, June 2, LA went to his baby-friend's 1st Birthday.

JABE is the son of my mommy friend, Mommy Liv Emetrio. We were blessed to be a part of JABE's rockin' party! Though it was a rainy day, the party was still well attended. Everyone had a great time. Here are the details:

When: June 2, 2012
Where: Casa Camba, New Manila, Quezon City

There was a registration area at the entrance of the party. You will see this sign upon entering the venue.

LA and his cousin, Leean took their rockstar nametag at the registration area. They also received a claiming stab for JABE's giveaway at the end of the party.

Tiny Buds was a part of the event and they provided us with a sample of their products. The Black Pencil Project was also a part of the party. It was a great privilege to be able to help the less fortunate children by sharing some school supplies for them to utilize.

LA wearing his nametag
Leean wearing her nametag and showing her glitter tattoo


Casa Camba is located at New Manila, Quezon City. The place was huge and can accomodate a large group. The tables were arranged according to the theme. There were balloons in the ceiling and in the centerpiece of each table. The stage had an extravagant backdrop that would really catch the attention of the audience. The atmosphere was very pleasant and you could see the excitement in each guest.


The table full of sweets!!Yummy!!
The food was in a buffet set up. There were pasta, fish, meat, chicken, and rice. There was also a separate section for sweets and desserts (yum!). The food was GREAT! My husband and I really enjoyed it. There was also a separate menu for the kids. They had fried chicken, spaghetti, and hotdog.


The Program was well organized. The host of the party was a pro! He really did a great job in handling the crowd. The games were new and exciting. There was also a mini magic show for the children. They chose the best rockstar from infant to adult. The prizes were educational and the toys are nice.

the party host

doing his fire trick

The birthday family

The Booths

There were different activities around the area. There was a photobooth near the stage, a corndog stand, an icecream stand, and a mobile bar for the adults

mobile bar

We really enjoyed JABE's party. I had a great time together with my other mommy friends who also attended. My son was able to bond with his baby-friends. My niece enjoyed the program as well as the sweets. JABE's 1st Birthday truly ROCKed!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Breastfeeding Journey: The First Latch

(This is the first part of my breastfeeding journey. There are other parts that will discuss my challenges and tips based on my personal experience as a breastfeeding mom. I hope that through these series of posts, I would get to encourage young moms as well as first time moms to choose breastfeeding for their baby.) 

When I was still pregnant, there were a lot of people that influenced my decision to breastfeed my baby. I was very blessed to have a mom who's pro breastfeeding since I myself was a breastfed baby up to 3 years old.
LA at 2 days old

I also had a support group that encourages me to go for breastfeeding.

So there I was, very sure that I am going to breastfeed my son. 

Then, he was born.

I wasn't able to experience the "unang yakap" since I became unconscious after he came out. The resident doctor and nurses told me to breastfeed my baby, and so I did. Unfortunately, no milk came out of my breasts!!I was so sad but I didn't gave up. We tried to latch him again and again but he cries even louder.

Luckily, his pediatrician came and checked us. She taught me how to properly latch my baby. She even encouraged me to continue on breastfeeding because eventually, the milk will come.

We went home and everytime LA's hungry, we'll breastfeed. The first week was very challenging. I almost gave up because we are not latching properly and it hurts.

After 3 days, we went back to our pediatrician for LA's check-up. While waiting for our turn, we tried breastfeeding LA. My husband was holding him while I breastfeed. To our surprise, LA had milk falling from the side of his mouth!! At last, my milk came out and it was abundant!

From that moment on, I was determined to breastfeed LA whatever trials we'll go through. As long as LA wants my milk, I'm willing to give him everything I have.

Simple tips for new breastfeeding moms:

* Always make sure that your baby's mouth is wide open. (it's part of their reflex to open their mouth when you offer your breast)

* Offer a big portion of your areola to your baby and not just the nipple. (the reason why some moms are scared to breastfeed because of the thought that "it's painful". It is easy for babies to suck the nipple alone that's why it hurts. When your baby learns to latch properly with the areola, your breastfeeding experience will be a whole lot better)

* Your baby's lips should be in a "fish-mouth" position. (to know if you're baby is latching properly, he/she should have lips that are turned out)

*RELAX! - like your baby, you should also be relaxed. do not think of breastfeeding as a "job". Think of it as your own personal way of showing your baby how much you love them. Take time to caress your baby and sing him/her lullabies. This is your best form of bonding that no one can take.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Smart Parenting Breastfeeding Video

I, together with LA and my husband, went to a home store, IDeas for Living, at 2100 Chino Roces Ext., Makati City for a video shoot.

LA and I became a part of Smart Parenting's Breastfeeding video which aims to encourage future moms to choose breast feeding for their baby.

There were three other breastfeeding moms with us during the shoot. I had the opportunity to mingle with other moms and LA had his time to "talk" to other babies.

Everything went well, I had a great time because I learned a lot about breastfeeding.

Here are some of the knowledge that I learned from Ms. Nona (Nanay Nona):

1. Most of the time, moms forget that breastfeeding is NOT only good for their babies. It's also good for themselves. As a breastfeeding mom, I am less prone to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and osteoporosis!!!

2. The reason why my baby is always sweating, is because I eat a lot of food rich in seasonings.oops! my fault!

3. Breastfeeding moms should be aware of their food intake. We are advised to eat at least 8 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

4. Our breast milk has antibodies that is very essential for our kid's health. Each teaspoon of breast milk has millions antibodies! It's like having a drugstore right in front of you!haha

5. Breast milk is like the best ointment for your baby's insect bites! It's actually effective even for adult's itchiness. Try it!

6. When feeding, make sure you have a glass of water, a bowl of soup, or a piece of fruit beside you. Breastfeeding can make you really hungry and thirsty.

7. Do not tolerate any pain during breast feeding. A minor pain can lead to something worse. Try changing the position or the latch.

8. Breastfeed up to 4 years of age. This will make your child loyal to you.:)..I hope I can do this...

9. Your breast milk becomes thicker in consistency during feeding. This makes a signal to your baby that it's time to stop drinking milk. (cool huh?)

10. Breast fed baby girls are also less prone to breast cancer. (Yey! I was breastfed too)

There are a lot more things that she shared to us. You can add her on Facebook if you have any questions about breastfeeding.

Thank God I fought for breast feeding. I almost gave up, but learning how great breast milk, I am encouraged to continue breastfeeding until I can and until LA wants to.

Some photos from today's shoot.:)..can't wait to see the video!!

LA's playing inside the crib
change location. LA's too young for the shot:))

After the shoot, we had a little token for participating. I got a book from Smart Parenting! "150+ fun and creative activities for kids" by Ciara Lazatin Mapa.

I can't wait to use these activities with LA. But for now, It'll be of great help when I teach pre-schoolers!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Loving the Married Life

I was looking at my husband's profile in Facebook and I found a song he wrote for me way back October,2009. I just wanted to share how sweet my hubby is. I don't even know if he could still remember this, but it's okay.

I am very blessed to have a husband that never fails to make me feel safe, happy, and contented. I will never trade this love for anything in the world. He gave me the most precious gift, our son, Lewis. He's my other half and I will forever love him. ♥

Here's the lyrics:

1st stanza:
when i first saw you girl dont know what to say
you smiled at me and i feel the wind on my face 
and i want to know you more and more each day but will you allow me to

let me hold your hand girl you can trust me i will never
ever let you down coz girl ur the one that i've been waiting
for all this time

you are the reason why i still believe in fairy tales 
the reason why im waiting on my shooting star
the only thing that keeps me awake at night and i hope
you'll be singing this song with me but i dont know when

2nd stanza:
i know you've been hurt before and i know that i can't do 
anything about that but there's one thing that i can do for you
that is to prove that im a better man than him and whenever 
you fall there's one thing you should know that is you'll never 
hit the ground and you won't feel no pain because i will be there 
catching you everytime.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Talking to your baby

My three months old baby is still too young to speak, but we start communicating with him already. I have read articles about the benefits of talking to your baby. Based on the testimonials of other moms, their babies were able to speak earlier than others because they took time to bond and talk to their little ones even if they still can't respond well.

According to Kevin Osborn, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bringing up Baby"Your baby will learn language more quickly from her primary caretaker than from anyone else. Because your baby knows you best, she's learned to recognize the way you speak: your tones, your inflections, your facial expressions. So talk around your baby and talk to your baby. Speak naturally and clearly.

I always make time to talk to LA whenever he is awake. He loves to talk to people. He stares at your face and waits for your next move. I smile every time he looks at me to create a positive connection between us. I never show him negative vibes whenever he sees me. 

At first, I was having a hard time talking to babies since it's like having a monologue all the time. Babies couldn't reply to all I am saying, but now, I am much more comfortable talking to LA. He makes silly sounds too! "cooo,cooo" "abooo abooo" "aaaaw awww" and many more.

Here's a video of Lewis talking to his Opa (grandpa)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mums and Tubs Club presents Lactacyd Baby Care Village @ SM Megamall

December 11, 2011
Mums and Tubs Club presents Lactacyd Baby Care Village @ SM Megamall

We were so excited to go to the event. The call time for participants in the fashion show was 1pm, but the event will start in the morning around 11 am. I wasn’t able to watch the first part of the program because we got stuck in traffic.

We were able to arrive 1:30 pm and Thank God they haven’t started the fashion show yet. We went to the backstage and changed our clothes. They said that the sponsored make-up artist was not able to come so we have to do our own make-up and hair. (Good thing my baby’s a boy with no hair. No need for make-up and hairstyle, haha)

After we got dressed up, we went inside the Baby Care Village and watched the show. We were given passport that we need to fill-up to get a gift pack from Lactacyd and have a chance to unlock the code for a special prize (too bad someone already won ahead of us).

We first went to the “Bathing Demo Station”. I was really looking forward for that demo since LA is having a hard time during his bath.

Next was the “Pre-school Teacher Consultation Booth” and “Play area”. This is where I did my breastfeeding since they removed their breastfeeding lounge to accommodate more people for the show.

We went to different sections like the ff:

Weighing Station

Healthy Snacks Station

Nutritionist’s Consultation Booth

Nutri Wheel


The program was hosted by Christine Jacob. There was a talk show, puppet show, cooking demo, magic show, fashion show, story telling and more!!

I had a really great time during the event even though there are some glitches. I am very happy that LA and I were chosen to be one of the participants for the fashion show of “Pois Belly and Kids”.

I was able to meet some of my mommy friends there and was also able to mingle with other new moms.
Lots of learning, Lots of fun!

Coming from Las Pinas City, it was really a rough journey but it was all worth it. Thank you to Mums and Tubs Baby Care Club for this wonderful opportunity. It is something my son and I will cherish. Hope to see you again on the next event!

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