Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rockstar Themed Party: JABE's 1st Birthday

Last Saturday, June 2, LA went to his baby-friend's 1st Birthday.

JABE is the son of my mommy friend, Mommy Liv Emetrio. We were blessed to be a part of JABE's rockin' party! Though it was a rainy day, the party was still well attended. Everyone had a great time. Here are the details:

When: June 2, 2012
Where: Casa Camba, New Manila, Quezon City

There was a registration area at the entrance of the party. You will see this sign upon entering the venue.

LA and his cousin, Leean took their rockstar nametag at the registration area. They also received a claiming stab for JABE's giveaway at the end of the party.

Tiny Buds was a part of the event and they provided us with a sample of their products. The Black Pencil Project was also a part of the party. It was a great privilege to be able to help the less fortunate children by sharing some school supplies for them to utilize.

LA wearing his nametag
Leean wearing her nametag and showing her glitter tattoo


Casa Camba is located at New Manila, Quezon City. The place was huge and can accomodate a large group. The tables were arranged according to the theme. There were balloons in the ceiling and in the centerpiece of each table. The stage had an extravagant backdrop that would really catch the attention of the audience. The atmosphere was very pleasant and you could see the excitement in each guest.


The table full of sweets!!Yummy!!
The food was in a buffet set up. There were pasta, fish, meat, chicken, and rice. There was also a separate section for sweets and desserts (yum!). The food was GREAT! My husband and I really enjoyed it. There was also a separate menu for the kids. They had fried chicken, spaghetti, and hotdog.


The Program was well organized. The host of the party was a pro! He really did a great job in handling the crowd. The games were new and exciting. There was also a mini magic show for the children. They chose the best rockstar from infant to adult. The prizes were educational and the toys are nice.

the party host

doing his fire trick

The birthday family

The Booths

There were different activities around the area. There was a photobooth near the stage, a corndog stand, an icecream stand, and a mobile bar for the adults

mobile bar

We really enjoyed JABE's party. I had a great time together with my other mommy friends who also attended. My son was able to bond with his baby-friends. My niece enjoyed the program as well as the sweets. JABE's 1st Birthday truly ROCKed!


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