Monday, December 26, 2011

Loving the Married Life

I was looking at my husband's profile in Facebook and I found a song he wrote for me way back October,2009. I just wanted to share how sweet my hubby is. I don't even know if he could still remember this, but it's okay.

I am very blessed to have a husband that never fails to make me feel safe, happy, and contented. I will never trade this love for anything in the world. He gave me the most precious gift, our son, Lewis. He's my other half and I will forever love him. ♥

Here's the lyrics:

1st stanza:
when i first saw you girl dont know what to say
you smiled at me and i feel the wind on my face 
and i want to know you more and more each day but will you allow me to

let me hold your hand girl you can trust me i will never
ever let you down coz girl ur the one that i've been waiting
for all this time

you are the reason why i still believe in fairy tales 
the reason why im waiting on my shooting star
the only thing that keeps me awake at night and i hope
you'll be singing this song with me but i dont know when

2nd stanza:
i know you've been hurt before and i know that i can't do 
anything about that but there's one thing that i can do for you
that is to prove that im a better man than him and whenever 
you fall there's one thing you should know that is you'll never 
hit the ground and you won't feel no pain because i will be there 
catching you everytime.


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