Monday, November 21, 2011

Healthy Party with other Mommies (Philips Avent Early Christmas Treat)

Last November 19, I, together with my husband and baby LA, went to Philips Avent & Aprica's Early Christmas Party.


The party was held at the LJS Group of companies Bacood, Sta. Mesa office from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm. The theme for this Christmas party was "Nutcracker". 

We live far from the venue but we were able to attend because of the kindness of Philips Avent to pick us up at SM City Sta. Mesa at 2:30 pm.

The Food
- it's in a buffet set up. The food was great! I personally loved the dessert especially the salad with crushed graham and cherry syrup.Yum! My husband liked the meat because it was really soft and tasty.

The Band
-while we enjoy the delicious dishes, we were serenated by a live band. They did well. My only concern was because we sat on a table that was near the speakers, my baby LA's getting shocked by the loud bass. So we decided to change our place and continue to enjoy the awesome band.

The Mascot
- TRUMAN! The oh so cute mascot of Philips Avent. The children really enjoyed it when Truman made an appearance. It's not a scary mascot that's why the kids were happy to be around Truman. Sad, I wasn't able to have a picture with the mascot since at that time, I was breast feeding baby LA.

The Games
-I was part of the first game. The goal is to fix the Philips Avent bottles according to the photo that will be given to you. I was able to assemble their breast pump. Too bad we didn't win but I was still thankful for their generosity because we had a consolation prize, a Sunnex Vacuum Flask!

-Other games were played by other moms. The cook off challenge where mommies have to create their own recipe of baby food using the Avent Steamer/Blender, The "Pinoy Henyo" type of game where mommies have to guess the Avent products, and The "Pera o Bayong" type of game where in we get to choose the correct answer from letters A,B,C,D.

It was really a blessing because for the first time, I was able to meet my mommy friends personally and wow! they were all so friendly and approachable. This made the party more fun since all of us were comfortable with each other.

*I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures. I forgot to bring our digicam. I only took photos with my phone.*

At the end of the party, we wrote our thank you message to Philips Avent on their tarpaulin. Each VIP Mommy was able to bring home a loot bag!...Here's a photo of what's inside the loot.

Thank you so much to Philips Avent for choosing me to be a part of your VIP moms. Congratulations for a very successful event! Thank you for the continuous service to moms and babies. God Bless!

♥ young mommy, Lolly


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