Monday, November 21, 2011

The search for Mommy friends

As a first time mom, I need some guidance on how to take good care of my little one. Ofcourse, number 1 is the support that you get from your family, especially your own mother, because they had the same experiences too. Number 2 would probably be the support you get from friends.


Question: "how can my friends help me if most of them are still single and young like me?"

Answer: Finding a new set of friends that share the same experiences!!

Thus, starts my Philips Avent Discussion Board story...

It was by accident that I became a part of Philips Avent's online community. I was just browsing on their fan page and I saw their DB (discussion board). I read and read and was able to gain knowledge from the experiences of others. i started to share my own experiences while I was still pregnant and I shared all my concerns with other mommies. I never knew I could gain a lot of mommy friends through this online community.

I am very thankful that my journey as a young mom became less stressful because I had a support group that is ready to guide me and encourage me to become the best mom for my baby.

♥ young mommy, Lolly


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