Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 months old Baby Lewis Azriel

1st month
2nd month
56 cm
59 cm
4.4 kg
5.6 kg

                Baby LA was said to be a well baby according to his pediatrician, Dra. Maricel Landagan. There were no problems regarding LA’s health. The only concern I had was his breathing. Every time he breathes, it seems like he’s gargling. The doctor checked him and said his lungs were fine. It’s just that my baby likes to play with his saliva and that causes the sound. (We call it “halak”).  That’s basically one of the things I observed during his 2nd month. 

                On the early days of his 2nd month, he learns to follow objects with his eyes. Good thing we bought him a mobile. He really loves to watch it move. He now moves his arms and legs when I communicate with him.

He smiles more often!

Before he sleeps all day and all night, now, there are times after feeding that he’ll rather wonder around than to sleep.

Funny thing is that he cries when no one talks to him. He loves to get attention. (Just like me)

While we are reaching his 3rd month, he starts to recognize his parents’ faces and voices. Whenever he hears my voice, he’ll look for me and when he finds me, he’ll smile (it melts my heart).

It’s such an amazing experience to watch my little angel grow. Being a mom is a continuous learning process. As your child grows, you gain more knowledge on how to be the best mom for your baby. I may be too young to be a mother but that doesn’t mean I can’t have the capabilities to raise a child. LA is turning 3 months old and I must say, I’m proud of what I have accomplished. He’s still small but in his eyes, I see love...

 ♥young mommy, Lolly



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