Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Breastfeeding Journey: The First Latch

(This is the first part of my breastfeeding journey. There are other parts that will discuss my challenges and tips based on my personal experience as a breastfeeding mom. I hope that through these series of posts, I would get to encourage young moms as well as first time moms to choose breastfeeding for their baby.) 

When I was still pregnant, there were a lot of people that influenced my decision to breastfeed my baby. I was very blessed to have a mom who's pro breastfeeding since I myself was a breastfed baby up to 3 years old.
LA at 2 days old

I also had a support group that encourages me to go for breastfeeding.

So there I was, very sure that I am going to breastfeed my son. 

Then, he was born.

I wasn't able to experience the "unang yakap" since I became unconscious after he came out. The resident doctor and nurses told me to breastfeed my baby, and so I did. Unfortunately, no milk came out of my breasts!!I was so sad but I didn't gave up. We tried to latch him again and again but he cries even louder.

Luckily, his pediatrician came and checked us. She taught me how to properly latch my baby. She even encouraged me to continue on breastfeeding because eventually, the milk will come.

We went home and everytime LA's hungry, we'll breastfeed. The first week was very challenging. I almost gave up because we are not latching properly and it hurts.

After 3 days, we went back to our pediatrician for LA's check-up. While waiting for our turn, we tried breastfeeding LA. My husband was holding him while I breastfeed. To our surprise, LA had milk falling from the side of his mouth!! At last, my milk came out and it was abundant!

From that moment on, I was determined to breastfeed LA whatever trials we'll go through. As long as LA wants my milk, I'm willing to give him everything I have.

Simple tips for new breastfeeding moms:

* Always make sure that your baby's mouth is wide open. (it's part of their reflex to open their mouth when you offer your breast)

* Offer a big portion of your areola to your baby and not just the nipple. (the reason why some moms are scared to breastfeed because of the thought that "it's painful". It is easy for babies to suck the nipple alone that's why it hurts. When your baby learns to latch properly with the areola, your breastfeeding experience will be a whole lot better)

* Your baby's lips should be in a "fish-mouth" position. (to know if you're baby is latching properly, he/she should have lips that are turned out)

*RELAX! - like your baby, you should also be relaxed. do not think of breastfeeding as a "job". Think of it as your own personal way of showing your baby how much you love them. Take time to caress your baby and sing him/her lullabies. This is your best form of bonding that no one can take.



Adventures on Planet Mom said...

It's great that you have a very strong support's always essential for every moms who decides to breastfeed. Kudos to you Mommy lolly.

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