Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Time

Photo from google images

       Blogging was never my thing. It’s maybe because I’m not fond of writing as well as reading. I believe that I’m a visual learner because pictures catch my attention while reading. If there are a lot of illustrations, I understand the content better.

       One of the reasons why I am trying this is to enhance my writing skills. Writing over and over again is one way to improve and to expand my vocabulary. Another reason is because my life is full of adventures. During my last teen year, a lot happened and I am more than excited to share it with others for them to learn from my experiences.

       This space will be more on my personal experiences as a young mom, the knowledge I gained from studying, my handsome baby boy’s milestones and development, and the like.

       I hope that through this blog, I may be of help to other young moms out there. I promise to make every entry as creative as possible so my readers won't get bored.
       Thanks for reading! ;)


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