Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 Month old Baby Lewis Azriel

As a first time mom, I have no idea on what to expect during LA’s first month. As we all know, babies are unique and develop differently from one another. 

Let me share with you the things that I observed with my little one during his 1st month of life.
I will be comparing my child’s development with the developments that I have searched in different sources.

Baby’s development according to other sources
Lewis Azriel’s development according to experience
Feedings: 5-8 per day

Sleep: 20 hrs per day

Sensory Capacities: makes basic distinctions in vision, hearing, smelling, tasting, touch, temperature, and perception of pain
Feedings: every 2-3 hrs which makes it 8-12 per day

Sleep: almost all day!

Sensory Capacities: reacts with sounds, moves his eyeballs to wonder around, cries while bathing (because of the sudden change in temperature)

Lifts head when lying on tummy

Responds to sound

Stares at faces
Lifts head and pushes away using arms and hands when lying on my tummy.

He gets shocked whenever he hears the garbage collector’s horn and the sounds of plates while washing the dishes.

He can stare at my face while breastfeeding

Smiles and giggles while sleeping

Oh Yes! LA loves to sleep!


He starts to figure out how to thumb suck!

He sleeps better on his tummy

and cries to communicate if he's hungry or wet

There are so much to observe in your growing baby. I will be discussing other developments on a different post.

♥ young mommy, Lolly

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