Monday, December 5, 2011

Caleb's Closet Giveaway

I've always been curious on how cloth diapers work. I have knowledge about it but I never had the chance to try one. 
I am currently using disposable diapers for baby LA. Everything's doing well but I would also like to learn about cloth diapers and its benefits.

It can be used as an alternative whenever our disposable diapers are all gone. This will be perfect because it happened to us several times that we ran out of diapers. Having a cloth diaper around that can be reused will definitely help in this dilemma.

Chronicles of a nursing mom together with Caleb's Closet Ecostore will be giving away a yellow one sized charlie banana cloth diaper. It's a cloth diaper that can grow with your baby. You just need to adjust it in order to fit your baby.

If you wish to join this giveaway, follow the instructions HERE.

♥young mommy, Lolly


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